Why iCoStaffTime?

Reduce staffing costs

Simple scheduling
Automatic holiday entitlement calculations
Automate leave approvals
Track time & attendance
Simplify overtime and expense requests
Reports for payroll

Improve workforce reliability

Eliminate mistakes
Bespoke view for each member of staff
Ensure minimum level of cover

Increase engagement

Clearly communicate possible times off
Instant approval for majority of leave requests

Simple scheduling

Save time:

  • Create one off or repeating shifts
  • Individuals or groups
  • Easy visualisation of day’s cover
  • Shifts can be tagged for later analysis (e.g. client or event code)
  • Supports multiple sites & teams

Improve attendance:

  • Can request confirmation of shift acceptance
  • Time & attendance can be captured

Automated leave


  • Holiday allowance automatically calculated based on hours worked (e.g. 5.6 weeks/year or 12.07% of hours to date)
  • Remaining leave allowance calculated
  • Supports multiple paid and unpaid leave types

Automated approvals:

  • Minimal management intervention
  • Allows for extenuating circumstances to be handled considerately

Ability to:

  • Configure rules to ensure minimum level of cover
  • Limit individuals’ use of popular days off
  • Manually handle peak times in year


  • Management have simple overview of leave by team, skill and/or location
  • Staff can see potential issues in advance to requesting leave

Expenses streamlined

Save time:

  • Staff can easily submit expenses via the mobile or web app
  • Eliminate the paper trail (using receipt pictures)
  • Expenses can be associated by shift for reporting (e.g. by client or event code)

Simplify overtime

Save time:

  • Simple process to log
  • Approve requests with a single tap

Reports on demand

Multiple reports available:

  • Timesheets
  • Expenses
  • Leave
  • Overtime

Reporting periods:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Custom (e.g. if payroll does not follow calendar month)


Eliminate mistakes:

  • All calendars instantly updated
  • Notifications of changes sent via app and/or email
  • No outdated emails, no old spreadsheets and no stale printouts


  • Via web & mobile app (iPhone & Android)


Improve reliability:

  • Personalised calendar to clarify when working / on leave
  • Only relevant information shown to individual

Increase engagement:

  • Open shifts can be accepted with a single tap


Save time:

  • Simple leave request form
  • Allowances automatically calculated based on hours worked

Increase engagement:

  • Most leave requests auto approved
  • Transparent when there is a problem


Features Silver
£2 / mo
£4 / mo
Automated approvals
Time & Attendance -
Overtime -
Expenses -
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All prices are per active user in GBP. Excludes applicable taxes.
Active users are those that have at least 1 booking in month.

We ensure that you have a smooth transition into using iCoStaffTime and are geared up to extract the maximum value possible and include as standard:

  • An initial onsite1 consultation to understand your specific requirements.
  • Data entry to get your staff setup with iCoStaffTime accounts.
  • Data entry to get your staff organised into logical groups relevant for your organisation.
  • One onsite1 staff training session per 20 users.
  • One onsite1 management training session per 20 users.

1or virtual session if outside South-East of UK

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